Eucalyptus & Spearmint EWF CandleGarlic/Oil DishHow many times do we hear, "Summer just goes by in a flash." And, already we are here in the sweetness of Autumn. Like a fine wine, fall gets better as we set our mood and savor the brilliance around us. Crisp apples, pumpkins, fall foliage and the warmth of a crackling fireplace. There is no better place to enjoy this warm welcome than the comfort of your home.

The best conversations occur in the kitchen. Serve up a freshly toasted sliced baguette, add a grated garlic clove, parmesan cheese, add olive oil and any spices (just oregano will do). Savor all those flavors as friends and family gather around to chat. Memories are made. So simple. Thats the beauty. We carry a garlic/olive oil dish to facilitate this tasty appetizer, its easy and so affordable. 

Green Lotus Wood Wildflowers

Dress your table or counter with wood wildflowers. These flowers incorporate hand curled petals and each hand-painted to see the wood beneath will add charm while they never need watering, they will never wilt or cause allergies. Arranged blossoms to hang on a wall or set them on center stage on your dining room table. The bright spot in any room!

The essence of Autumn with chilly temperatures, reflect the impending winter upon us. Set the mood with scented soy wax candles. They will waff through the air hinting of pumpkin spice or eucalyptus evergreens. Made o nthe premises of Earth Wood & Fiber, it's a great way to get your "Glow On". Simple key ingredients in today's busy schedules. The perfect balance of flair, fun and fabulous, it's absolutely golden!