No matter what day of the week it is, any day and everyday can be a healthy day. Just a small dose of exercise can get your blood flowing in order to increase oxygen. Practicing healthy lifestyles through organic eating plus enjoying the outdoors will surely lift your mood and self-esteem. We've heard the stories about those who just love their steaks and burgers on the grill, no problem; try switching to grass fed beef. You may even try substituting ground turkey while still enjoying your favorite toppings and condiments. It's all about getting your body used to a healthier alternative. Whatever it takes, whether you jog, hike, swim or bike, just be sure you get fresh air and absorb all the nature around you. Lower stress levels by hearing birds sing, seeing leaves sway from the treetops and feel the summer heat as you sweat out toxins. Ridley Creek Park Ride Day

All of those who joined us on our 1st group ride at Ridley Creek State Park experienced all the benefits for that “feel good aahhh" sensation. It was unbelievable that our participants ranged in age from 3years old to 65. Some cyclists were experts with years of experience, some cam just for fun, some were first time beginners, some came to kick off Father's Day and one was 5months pregnant! It was good to see so many show up, in all walks of life. The best part was that we all finished, 2 hours of serious cycling. For those of you who are wondering how our 3 year old did it? Well, he was in a bike seat as a passenger as his Dad did all the pedaling. At the end of 2 hours our little friend fell fast asleep.

The cardio workout was rocking within us and our bodies were thankful. The day was perfect with lots of sunshine, warm temps, slight breeze and since it was Father's Day, not at all crowded.

Fresh organic fruits, snacks and cold water awaited us after the ride. We were tired but our spirits were not. We all conquered the great hill at Ridley Creek State Park and as we parted wishing all a happy Father's Day. We all agreed the meal that would await us later that day would be well deserved. Enjoy the great outdoors.

Benefit from natural therapies And, find yourself biking!!