Music HealsAbout two weeks ago I called on of our artist's to place an order. After a day or two and not knowing his schedule, I figured he must be on vacation, it is August after all. He is from Maryland and usually will get back to us since in this busines, a phone call most likely means more work, which pays the expenses. After many more calls and leaving messages without a response, I figured it wouldn't hurt to call his cellphone. Sure enough, second ring and I hear "hello". I apologized for intruding but wanted to know if I could place an order. He apologizes back for not answering his studio phone but informs me that his father has been ill and he is helping his mother with care giving. Not to be nosy I ask if everything was okay. He tells me that 2 months ago his Dad was chopping wood for the winter and had picture perfect health. Today, he does not have much cognition and doctors have diagnosed Alzhiemer's. For the artist, his Dad is his world. There is no better man than his Dad and he would be willing to give up his daily routine in order to care for the man who was always there for him.

Of course I felt badly that he would possibly not be able to fill our needs in the shop but I was truly impressed by the strong bond a son had for his father. I let him know to not worry about us and when things settle down just call us to see what needs are at the time.

Chip and Dip

About that time, I received in the mail the AARP newsletter. One of the biggest break throughs in Alzhiemer medication is music. Not drugs, not therapy, not diet and exercise, but of all things, music. I read this article thinking of one artist and his Dad. If by using an ipod with an ear bud and playing music of the era of the patient or any favorite playlist, the patient will react in an immediate positive manner. Frowns turn to smiles, agitiation melts, mood brightens and a seemingliy impossible situation suddenly becomes doable.  I share this story because quality of life is so important.

Earth Wood & Fiber supports made in America. It is important to our survival- to every American's quality of life. But, after hearing the stories of one of our artist's and the people in AARP caring for their loved with Alzheimer's, that portion of the population not only needs quality of life for the patient but also the caregiver.  I want to share this since small improvements can make all the difference. I have a copy of the AARP article if anyone wants it. Lets all be conscious of lending a helping hand especially when it doesn't cost a lot. Shop "Made in America" whenever you can. I will keep you posted on our artist and his father. Lets support him as well-he's back in his studio and tells me we can expect our order shortly.