American DreamToday in America, its difficult to know where the clothes you are wearing or the smart phone you are using is made. For the most part, it would be safe to say that the majority of what surrounds us was not made in the USA. As we become more and more aware of our international debt, it seems logical that we need to support our home grown products. Next time you shop, check the labels and lets all make the effort to buy American.

The American dream must never end. As in years past and years going forward some things will always evoke those positive feelings. As summer is upon us, it's time to make those traditional journey's with the kids down the shore or enjoy a glass of wine with good friends- some cheese & fresh bread and savor all the great moments. Even a hot dog and hamburger, wit ha glass of ice cold beer always goes down better in those hot days of summer! Nothing beats home made iced tea with a twist of lemon after pulling those pesky weeds from between the home grown tomato plants. The nostalgia of summer here and so alive! 

We live in the age of computers, everything digital, and fast, very fast! In all this haste. have we missed important "gifts" of the human race? Thoughtfulness is in that hand-written not you receive in the mail. Caring is picking up your land line phone and hearing from an old friend or relative. Delicious is that home-made pasta sauce with home grown basil simmering over the stove top. And service...These days is practically non-existent. That human voice giving insight to your purchase, helping to lend an opinion if requested. Its a beautiful experience to be directed to that special gift and get the history behind the artist who made it. The story most likely will touch your heart. Yes, by going forward in time we have captured that old fashioned era of service and personalized attention. Come visit, and enjoy thoughtful, caring & wonderful service, you'll be glad you did!