Man's best friend. Our furry friend who always expresses delight for their human counterpart. What better way to show our love to our dogs than to feed them, exercise them and give a treat or a pat on the head. 

Recently, our rescued dog Kasey became very ill. At only 4 years old, she is a robust, happy dog who readily gives kisses to the family. We noticed that she vomitted her breakfast feeding late in the day. Figuring the summer heat didn't agree with her and her demeanor was still happy so we decided to ignore this episode. A week passed by before another bout of vomitting. Same as before. Again, we ignored this but became concerned. The following week, it seemed these episodes were occuring every 2-3 days. There after the second night of 3:00am vomitting we decided to give the vet a call. This became an issue of way more than the summer heat.

After many x-rays , blood work and physical exams, it appeared we were no closer to the mystery. Our vet recommended an ultra sound and an MRI but we had to wait til the following Monday when the tech would be in. Getting through the weekend would be tough but we didn't want to board her. Being sick and in an unfamiliar surrounding seemed unfair to our Kasey girl.

We made chicken broth and made sure she had sips throughout the dayon that Saturday and Sunday.She perked up to the point where she was as normal and happy as ever. I added carrots and potatoes to the broth. She couldn't get enough! By Monday, besides having lost a significant amount of weight, she is back to normal, more hungry than usual but that's to be expected. The vetinarians said to be conservative and introduce her regular food back slowly.

Spending hours researching dog food, I have determined that most dog food companies sourse the food from foreign countries and import it to the USA and than manufacture her in the USA. I am convinced the bag of dog food that we opened coincided with Kasey's bouts of nausea and vomiting. The Vet is as perplexed as we are.

As luck would have it, a very kind customer came into EWF and we were discussing our precious four legged friends. She was very knowledgeable in dog matters and told me she only used organic & Made in America dog food. I checked it when I got home on the computer. The more I read the more I liked it. I was sold when it said all food sourced DOES NOT come from China. I just bought 2 bags online.

Could it be that we had a tainted bag of dog food? We called the company to explain our situation and they offered a full refund. It doesn't make up for our dof suffering or our vet bills but at least they feel it was the best they could do. When it comes to our pets, be sure we all do our part and feed as safely as possible. Support America. Our economy needs you! Growth will occur! Shop Made in The USA and Shop Earth Wood & Fiber for 100% Handcrafted and Made in the USA!