Its 62 degrees outside, the sun shining and my lawn surprising could use 1 last trimming. I think I said that about 2 months ago. Well here we are a little more than 2 weeks before Christmas. If the radio didn't remind me that songs ofthe holidays are playing, I would still think its the end of summer!

My message to anyone who will hear me - especially this time of year isthis: Be Kind, Be Thankful and share some Happiness! There are terrible issues plaguing our world today. As one individucal, there is only so much we can do to make a difference. Here is my wish list for "Santa". 

1. When you see a Fed Ex or UPS truck, give them the right of way. It is so hard on them this time of year. Besdies the volume of packages, they don't finish their day til their truck is emtpy. They work long, hard hours to deliver many of the gifts you have ordered. Give them this little coutesy.

2. Almost all of us use the pharmacist for advice and to fill our prescriptions. Little do we realize how hard they actually work. Again, use patience waiting in line, smile to let them know- no pressure, and when you pull up to the drive through line in your car, do not ask them to grab a soda or bottle of multi-vitamins to add to your prescription order. Pharmacists are one of the busiest people. Tell them thank you and how much you appreciate their service.

3. Holidays are for the innocent creatures we call children. They grow up too fast. Keep 'em young and playing as long as possible. When you see a business with a Toys For Tots box, please try to visit a local Rite-Aid or CVS and for $5 pick up a toy forthose children not as fortunate as ours. Betteryet, get your children involved in this important learning lesson. Give your child or children $5-$10 and have them pick out a toy; Of course keeping with in budget. They will love the activity, feel good doing a decent deed, and if they drop off a toy at EWF, we will offer a 10% discount on any 1 item. Every toy equates to a 10% discount.

Lastly we want to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season. Many thanks for all our customers who have helped us grow in supporting Made in the USA. Our survival depends on each and every one of you. Its a tough business arena today and as another year comes to an end, we look around and say how fortunate we are to have peace and family. We wish everyone a great Holiday season and a prosperous New Year.