Super Bowl Sunday is over. Fans all go thru withdrawal as the season culminates and if your team didn't win, there is always 

Death Wish Bar of Soap

This is an amazing soap and body crream. The scent is indescribable. It's instense - it's unbelievable - it's majorly authentic, it's the one and only soap and body cream that is pure luxury on your skin while simultaneously giving a highly aromatic sensation to your morning season. So many of us watch for those crazy , funny and original commercials. Speaking of the Super Bowl commercials, did any of you happen to take note of the Death Wish Highly Caffeinated Coffee Comapny??! They teamed up with Rad SoapDeath Wish Body Cream
who made a highly caffeinated exfoliant soap bar and body cream!

Earth Wood & Fiber has recieived many calls after that Super Bowl game. Apparently, research brings up our shop that we carry the amazing caffeinated bar and cream! If 

you want to experience this soap, stop on by and whiff away. A must-do to truely understand this extreme soap!