People want things that perfectly suit their purpose. Once the idea enters the cerebrum, the quest to find that certain something becomes the challenge. Not long ago, we got a request from one of our customers for a wine rack table. We were given dimensions, functionality, how mnay bottles this wine rack would fit and so on. Sometimes it is easier to get as much detail asCustom Wine Rack Table possible, bit in this case, the design was open to our eyes desire. My father would ultimately be the driving force to getting this project into motion. Well, his first attempt failed since the feedback from our family was a huge "NO". Wasting time and materials, he began to start from scratch yet again. This time he sought some advice from my sister, an interior designer, but also very kind in her delivery of what should be done in order to make this go around a smashing hit! It doesn't hurt that her job puts her on the cutting edge of trends, do's & dont's, classics vs. new fads and so on.

Once my father is commissioned to do a piece, he will begin to bond with the wood, to the function, to the recipient and lastly see the love which makes it special. He likes the simplicity coupled with extremely well made and aesthetically pleasing. His second attempt went well. This time around all of the concepts of woodworking were incorporated in this piece, dovetail joinery, classic walnut wood, and simple yet appealing lines.

My father has a huge amount of pride when he sets off to do a project and finish it, he wishes that every corporation that makes furniture would take the pride and be better than ordinary. Our customer clearly wanted this specific item for their specific needs. Clearly, it makes their lives a bit more custom for he helped them achieve a better space for their personal time. It is an act of Dovetail Joinerylove to make furniture. It is my father's hope that this wine rack table shares their memories, serves them happiness, and adorns their room wherever they go!